Potential applications

" The solution for the mega trend of individual air transport "

Worldwide passenger traffic will increase more than six-fold from 2.5bn in 2012 to 16bn by the year 2050. In addition, urbanisation will continue, and the individual person’s need for mobility will significantly increase. This inevitably leads to tremendous infrastructure needs at existing hubs such as London, Frankfurt, New York or Dubai, requiring huge investments not only for building runways and airport buildings, but also for feeder roads logistics. Mega cities like Mexico City, Beijing or Tokyo are already groaning under the road and rail transport volumes that cannot be extended due to space limitations and will therefore make the travel time within the city limits rise even further. It is not without reason that the mega trend of individual air transport is currently on the rise. Major airlines but also players outside the industry like Uber, Amazon, Google and many other technology groups are trying to satisfy this need with more or less creative concepts, but still with conventional drive technologies. Helicopters, multicopters or their variations in different designs represent current concepts to satisfy this trend. However, if one takes only some of the goals set by the European Commission in the “Flightpath 2050 – Europe‘s Vision for Aviation”, the conventional concepts will not be sufficient to achieve the goals by 2050. Here are only some of the established goals:

  • 90% of passengers have to be able to reach any place in Europe door-to-door within 4 hours
  • Massive reduction of emissions per passenger kilometre compared with aircraft as new in the year 2000
    • CO2 emission by 75%
    • NOx emission by 90%
    • Noise by 65%
  • Emission-free surface movement of all aircraft

" Due to the efficiency advantage, the potential applications are almost unlimited "

CycloTech drive systems are the perfect alternative to satisfy this mega trend and to make it possible to achieve the goals.

The cyclogyro concept is the ideal solution for electric mode, and due to its VTOL capacity it can be operated from vertiports, heliports or other existing surfaces such as the roofs of high-rise buildings. Due to the efficiency advantage, the potential applications are almost unlimited.

For example, they can be used as unmanned aircraft for surveillance or rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea, pipeline monitoring in inaccessible areas, the supply of oil platforms or the control of wind power plants. As an alternative, it is possible to use them in manned vehicles as airport or city shuttle or for rescue purposes in the alpine area or in confined areas. In addition, there is an option to use the rotor in combination with conventional systems in the form of a compound helicopter or compound fixed wing. As a result of the flexible and low-maintenance drive and the creative freedom in designing the aircraft, there are hardly any limits to its application. However, it is reasonable that use will mainly be limited to the short-haul transport area.