CycloTech provides the game changing propulsion system for Urban Air Mobilty concepts

Welcome to CycloTech

We are an Austrian research company developing an alternative propulsion system for the aviation industry. The cyclogyro drive concept permits vertical take-off as well as efficient forward flight. Aircraft featuring a CycloTech drive are hybrids of the traditional fixed-wing and rotor-wing concepts, combining the best of both worlds.

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Cyclogyro rotor technology

Redefining the future of aviation

Vision and objective

CycloTech offers the most efficient and technically sophisticated propulsion solutions for Urban Air Mobility. CycloTech is a competent point of contact for its customers, providing the additional know-how to help them develop competitive aircraft.

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Potential applications

The phenomenal manoeuvrability, small installation space and the possibility of a fast and efficient forward flight open up a multitude of different aircraft varieties and an even larger number of different use cases.

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The revolutionary aircraft propulsion is based on the Voith Schneider propeller. Actually designed as a variable water turbine in the early 1920s by Austrian engineer Ernst Schneider, the Voith GmbH technology group in Heidenheim took up and translated the concept soon after into a marine propeller.

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