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"CycloTech’s mission is to make Cyclogyro technology suitable for commercial use in the aviation industry"

2016 saw the start of a technological and organisational professionalisation of the company. Since then, a young international team has been undertaking intensive research of the basic principles and their implementation. The challenges of this subject are mainly related to bridging the gap between theory and practice. Using CFD simulations and analytical model calculations, the rotor parameters are continuously optimised and verified under test conditions on the test bench or in wind tunnels. Extreme requirements of lightweight construction specifications for highly stressed rotor components require the application of state-of-the art materials and innovative processing methods. Continuous improvement and a high quality standard in conception and design, but also its actual implementation and cooperation with our development partners are absolute prerequisites for our success. CycloTech currently has the only concept worldwide to deliver the required high speed, thrust and energy consumption for competitive alternative aircraft propulsion.

"Currently the most exciting and innovative project in the aviation industry"

Creative and motivated employees are just as important: We try to offer not only exciting content, but also the organisational preconditions for a high level of satisfaction and a perfect setting for technical top performances. We consider a high degree of individual responsibility for structuring the working time, place of work and working method to be one of many components for a partnership-based relationship and the entrepreneurial spirit of our staff.


CycloTech cyclogyro rotor technology is applied in every aircraft used for short-haul air transport.


CycloTech offers the most efficient and technically sophisticated drive solution in the short-haul air transport sector. CycloTech is a competent point of contact for its customer, providing the additional know-how to help them develop competitive aircraft.


The first cyclogyro rotor drive used on a global level in a commercially used aircraft.

"Cyclogyro drives combine the best of all concepts"

The very fact of its operating principle makes using this technology in aircraft combine substantial advantages of conventionally operated aircraft, such as airplanes or helicopters. The aircraft feature counter-rotating drive units that generate thrust vectors that can be individually controlled and therefore provide virtually unlimited manoeuvrability. This allows vertical take-off and landing, rotation about any spatial axis, and above all, stable transition from a state of hovering to forward flight. Here is an overview of the advantages of the technology:

  • VTOL – vertical take-off aircraft have lower infrastructure requirements
  • High degree of manoeuvrability – extremely fast and flexible change of direction and movement

"The drive concept of the future"

To enable the technology to succeed in the market as an alternative propulsion concept and to supplement or make conventional systems obsolete, CycloTech has not only made the technology ready for use: In fact, aircraft equipped with CycloTech cyclogyro rotors offer:

  • Low space requirements – no protruding wings or drive elements rotating outwards
  • Higher efficiency – significantly reduced energy requirements compared with traditional VTOL aircrafts
  • Reduced costs – lower maintenance and service effort and shorter downtimes
  • Less emissions – noise as well as exhaust emissions are below the conventional propulsion systems

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As an innovative company, we are always looking for committed and highly qualified employees who want to work independently and take responsibility.



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