First Free Flight with CycloRotors

After months of intensive testing, the development team of CycloTech was able to conduct the first free flight with a technology demonstrator, which resulted in a huge success and proof for the CycloRotor technology.

Previous to the first free flight, the development team performed tests on a static test bench and on a dynamic test bench. On the static test bench, the technology demonstrator is fixed to a frame, that is mounted to the floor. On the dynamic test bench, the technology demonstrator could move on the vertical axis up, down, and 360° around the vertical axis.

Conducting these tests the team was able to perform hundreds of system tests and ensure the stability and functionality of the flight control system, continuity of the rotor performance, ensure safety and controllability of the system using a remote control unit via pilot. As all tests resulted positive the team decided to take the next big step and run the first free flight with the technology demonstrator.

On the 20th of August 2021, the development team performed its first free flight and landing with the CycloRotor technology, which was a huge success. This is truly a big step in the cyclogyro rotor technology especially as the technology demonstrator with a weight of 83kg resembles a descaled 5-seater air taxi system. This accomplishment and the commitment of the whole development team working at top performance brought us one step closer to vertical mobility.

CycloTech test bench
CycloTech demonstrator
Demonstrator CycloTech